Rosemary Dean Dip. ASK

In 1998, I began my journey in Kinesiology and what a journey it still is. It was such a thrill when I discovered what I really wanted to do in life.

I studied with TASK completing the full Diploma in 2001 and set up my practice first in Surrey and then moved to the Scottish Borders where I love sharing with clients and students how Kinesiology can help them change their life.

I have taught the foundation course since 2000 and also taught on the practitioner course for two years until moving to Scotland

Within my teaching role, I learn from my students how to pass the information on to them in a way that they can understand and use. By listening and watching them to see how best they absorb information and integrate their needs into my teaching methods. Encouraging students to workshop builds their confidence and their enjoyment in their learning so it plays a strong part of my teaching.

I am still in the process of learning myself as I am in the last few months of a Nutrition Diploma and have also trained in Massage and herbal remedies called Homoeobotanicals which I also use in my practice. Annually, I also complete at least the required quota of Continuing Professional Development courses and I strongly believe it is very important to keep learning and keep up to date.

I do what I love and love what I do, and hope you join me on this journey.



Sally Prestwich PhD, Dip.ASK, Associate ICAK-UK, ILTM

I qualified as a Systematic Kinesiologist in 1995 and started teaching the Systematic Kinesiology Foundation and Diploma courses the same year; completed my clinical competence and the 100 hours ICAK-UK Applied Kinesiology course in 1998.  In 2001 I became a Trustee for the Association of Systematic Kinesiology (ASK) and founded the 'School of Advanced Kinesiology' (SAK).  During this time I rewrote and updated the SAK Diploma course to incorporate new techniques acquired from ICAK.  I also teach courses on primitive reflexes, in addition to other postgraduate teaching.  I am a member of the learning and teaching Institute (ILTM) which is now part of the Higher Education Academy.  

During the weekend and evenings I see clients on a referral basis, and during the week I work as a Lecturer at St George's, University of London where I teach pharmacology and physiology to medical, pharmacy and BSc students, as well as paramedics and nurses.  I also run a special study module entitled the 'Integration of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) with conventional medicine'.  One of my long term aims is to encourage all medical students to discover CAM therapies by experiencing them, looking at research studies and anecdotal evidence.  This will enable them to then use this knowledge proactively, either alongside conventional therapies or as an alternative, when treating their patients. 

I am presently updating my nutritional knowledge to BSc level; listen to self help CD's by many speakers including Caroline Myss, Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer as well as attending various Kinesiology and functional biochemistry courses to continue my professional development.

Diane Harte Dip. ASK

There isn't one day that I don't feel grateful since discovering Kinesiology. It gives me a renewed enthusiasm for life with every new discovery. Ailments could look the same on paper, yet the treatment changes with every individual. I love being a detective in the body. Every day is an adventure. Every day is exciting. New findings are constantly being made.

Each student has their own particular style and their own unique personality.  As a teacher I believe it is my role to help them express this through their work.  I encourage students to experience their own passion in their work.  This creates a joyful working life.  Clients will visit you not only as a Kinesiologist but for your own special approach and manner. 

I love teaching Kinesiology.  It is a privilege to watch the amazement as students realise the power of the techniques they are learning.  Students flourish as individuals.  Be prepared for a wonderful journey.   


 Petrina Clarke Cert. ASK 


My journey started after obtaining a qualification in health and beauty, with which I opened my own successful private Clinic in 1990. I developed a passion for holistic therapies as their properties proved very beneficial to my clients health and well being. This led me to sharing my knowledge with others, opening a new avenue to teaching. I completed a Cert ED degree at Exeter University in higher education about 12 years ago. I started teaching Swedish massage and aromatherapy part time at Exeter College, while running my own practice in complimentary therapies.

With 20 years experience behind me I currently work as an examiner for BABTAC (British association of beauty technology & cosmetology) which involves examining many different holistic therapies in colleges around the world.

In 2005 I studied and started practicing kinesiology. On discovering kinesiology I have found this therapy to be the most profound and extremely beneficial, in improving health, reducing pain in a short period of time, while using gentle, simple techniques with astonishing results. Kinesiology has enhanced my life and enabled me to share so much more to others. This holistic therapy has inspired me to run and teach a systematic kinesiology foundation course.

The Devon Kinesiology Centre offers students a wealth of knowledge and experience. The course is well balanced with practical demonstrations, workshops and theory.   


Mick Lawrence Dip. ASK

Mick was born in London a few years after the 2nd world war ended to a typical London working class family. He lived with his family at his grandma's house for 4 years before moving to Mitcham ( a step up for his family).

At a very young age it was obvious he had a burning curiosity about the world around him and he quickly developed a lively intelligence that keeps him curious still.
He found it difficult to fit in as he would not accept any traditions or common myths unless they could be shown to him.

Growing up in the 60's heightened his sense of rejecting traditions to find an inner truth. He found that he had a natural gift for maths and science and went to study maths and chemistry at Hull University in 1968. He struggled with his studies here as the temptation of other ways seduced his curious mind to try all that was popular at the time. After 4 years he eventually got a Pure Maths degree and decided to start teaching Maths, hoping that the long holidays would make up for a boring job.
After 5 years of teaching he got to hate children and their parents and branched into Computer programming which he still does today.

In 1992 he came across a book on NLP and this ignited the spark that he had been looking for, he went on to a Master Practitioner in NLP which led on to Hypnotherapy which he also practices now. This led on to Anatomy & Physiology and massage, then Aromatherapy, Feng Shui and Geomancy.
He organised an NLP Master Practitioner course in India with Richard Bandler and lectured on stage with the originator of NLP.

In 2001 he attended a Kinesiology foundation course with TASK and then a Practitioner and Diploma with Brian Butler who pioneered Kinesiology in the UK.
In 2008 he start teaching for TASK at all levels and then in 2011 decided to start his own school with colleague Hareth who he studied with in 2001.
He has a passion about teaching and wants to help everyone raise their understanding not just of the world around them but of their own inner workings.
He believes that by doing this individuals will be more able to cope with their own life and make the planet more habitable to live in.


Hareth Altahan Dip.ASK 

Hareth was born in mystical Baghdad, Iraq, in 1965 where he grew up until his teenage years. He then travelled to England to study and escape the Iraq-Iran war at the age of 17.
He lived one year in Dublin and then settled in England as his home land. He did his O-levels and A-levels in London and finished his Mechanical Engineering from Oxford Brooks University in 1991.
The Allied Forces went to war against Sadam Hussien around that time, Gulf War-Desert Storm.
Which meant Hareth could not go back to Iraq and the British Government was suspicious of him for being Iraqi and living in UK. Living in Oxford as a refugee and not being able to get a job as an engineer or any job for that matter. Hareth decided to fill his time constructively and started to work full time for OXFAM as a volunteer and in his spare time he read a lot of books on self development, history, biographies of important individuals in history, philosophy and comparative religions. He then enrolled in Oxford Brooks University to study as part time English and Art degree.

In 1996 he moved to London and got a job as a trader in a small general trading office. Hareth did not like the rat race where this office was, non the less he put all his energies and in two years became the vice president and general manager of the company, highly trusted by the CEO and his bankers and the clients.
This success did not come cheap for Hareth. He worked six days a week twelve or fourteen hours a day in order to meet deadlines. In 1999 Hareth developed Irritable bowel syndrome(IBS) and his asthma got worse and suffered chronic back problems.

In 2000 Hareth had a cold that seemed to also affect his vocal cords. Although the cold went away the hoarseness of voice and difficulty in speech remained. Doctors did nothing about it apart from prescribing antibiotic and when that did not help Hareth was referred to a specialist and all the specialist doctor did was recommend speech therapy.
It was then that Hareth lost faith in allopathic medicine and started to seek complementary medicine. This loss of speech lasted a few months. I came to kinesiology by accident and was given a name of a kinesiologist nearby that I could visit regularly to be treated.
Every session Hareth saw the kinesiologist he got a bit better. The kinesiologist was doing, what Hareth thought to be, a weird and wonderful treatments. His voice came back so did his energy and confidence.
Hareth was so impressed by kinesiology he decided to quit what he was doing and focus on studying Kinesiology.
Hareth started to study kinesiology in early 2001 and went on to do the foundation levels 1-4 and then the practitioner certificate and then the Diploma. Hareth studied systematic kinesiology with TASK, the academy of systematic kinesiology.

Kinesiology inspired Hareth to carry on studying. He went on to study holistic massage, anatomy and physiology and a diploma in diet and nutrition.
To understand the emotional wellbeing of his clients better he went and did a three year diploma in integrative counselling and psychotherapy. He then went on to study NLP to enhance his counselling and communications' skills with his clients. 
Hareth also obtained a City & Guild teaching diploma and now teaching in Hammersmith and Fulham adult community college Kinesiology and Nutrition.
Hareth taught and treated clients in Bahamas, Switzerland, Jordan, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and Thailand.
Hareth is registered with the Association of Systematic Kinesiology (ASK) as a diplomate and a tutor and registered with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).
Hareth is currently practicing kinesiology from Fulham and Harley Street as well as teaching and giving public lectures in UK and abroad.